A commitment to social responsibility has always been a key part of our company’s philosophy. A portion of our Indaba Wine brand’s global sales funds the Indaba scholarship which provides financial assistance to the Pinotage Youth Development Academy. This twelve-month programme is directed toward unemployed young disadvantaged people (18-25 years old) who show potential and motivation.  The scholarship  provides a combination of technical skills development, personal life skills training and placements on farms.   Successful students will be work ready and able to seek permanent employment in the wine industry and related sectors. These will soon be extended to include an exciting new initiative to improve early childhood education on wine farms, which has been pioneered by our CEO, Andre Shearer, in collaboration with the provincial government and several other influential wine industry figures. Inspired by the well-known Montessori multi-grade schooling system, the goal is to better educate and empower young students on the farms, allowing them to overcome generational circumstances and choose the outcome of their futures.